HSM Motors leads Trinidad’s Electric Vehicle Evolution

Spurred by the innovation and advancement of electric technology in automobiles and the desire to achieve positive change in Trinidad and Tobago, HSM has shown exponential sales growth in the Hybrid and Electric Motor Vehicle market. HSM was among the first to introduce Hybrid technology to the island and has now become the go-to source for fully electric luxury motor vehicles.

UNIPET a locally owned and operated wholesaler of liquid petroleum fuels collaborated with HSM in 2020 to create history as they launched Trinidad and Tobago’s first public Electric Vehicle Charging Station. The installation of the charging infrastructure was a welcome addition to keep up with the demand. The Electric Vehicle Charging Station was launched on the 9th December 2020.

The primary motivation for consumers to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles is not environmental but rather financial. This move is fueled by the government’s current tax exemption policies which make electric options cheaper on average than gasoline-powered cars.

CEO at Hyatt Energy Conference
Mr.Mikhail Hosein at the Launch of UNIPET's Network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Partnership to bring Public Charge Point Provisions in Trinidad and Tobago

Once thought of as the future, Electric Vehicles have slowly entered the mainstream. While Internal Combustion Engines still dominate the Trinidad and Tobago market, economic incentives have made Electric Vehicles more desirable and affordable.  

UNIPET, a provider of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations announced on 31st May 2022 that they would be partnering with HSM Motors to Launch UNIPET’s Network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. These public charging stations will be conveniently located throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

The partnership pledged to have a network of electric charging stations installed at all their current and future Service Stations. As one of the leading distributors for Electric Vehicles, HSM Motors was excited to partner with UNIPET to bring reliable EV charging infrastructure to Trinidad and Tobago.

HSM is also proud to be among the first to bring a variety of Electric Motor Vehicles to our nation. The easy-to-access charging stations will be a tremendous benefit to our customers as we look forward to expanding our EV portfolio. HSM has promised new models with enhanced performance.

Lovol Tractor in the field
LOVOL Tractors being sold by HSM Agricultural Division

Our Sister Company

HSM Marketing launched its sister company, the HSM Agricultural Division in October 2020.

It was during the 2020 COVID pandemic lockdown, that, CEO Mikhail Hosein realized the challenge in obtaining a reliable yet affordable tractor. After careful analysis of the market, he discovered the many challenges facing farmers purchasing machinery and the idea to establish an agricultural division was born.

A few months later, HSM Marketing in October 2020 introduced its Agricultural Division. HSM Agricultural Division is the proud authorized distributor for several companies. These include Lovol (Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry Co. Ltd), Shaktiman (Indian), and Cadioli (Brazil) brands. The objective of the Agricultural Division is to improve agriculture in Trinidad and Tobago through technology and mechanization.

Working with the Agriculture sector will bring benefits as well as challenges. HSM now aids the role of agriculture in economic development in Trinidad and Tobago.

Corn Planters

Networking with Farmers and Bussinesses

Agri Investment Forum and Expo 2022 was a support platform for HSM Agricultural Division to meet people from the diaspora of Trinidad and Tobago. HSM took the opportunity to exhibit and educate the public on many of the agricultural implements available for purchase at the showroom.

This engagement was geared towards the promotion and informed dialogue within the agricultural industry. HSM Agricultural Division as a participant successfully displayed products, networking with stakeholders, and capitalized on the marketing exposure.

HSM at Proman

Proman HSSE Week

HSM Motors took centre stage at Proman’s HSSE Week in December 2022 with the display of its Tesla electric vehicle. The presentation allowed HSM to advertise the innovation of Electric Vehicles and promote the use of Hybrid Vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago.

The long range model displayed attracted many participants as it featured many innovations, including blind spot cameras and traffic aware cruise control system, which can be used to autosteer.

HSM Motors showroom now includes more hybrid and electric vehicles than its competitors. HSM stocks a diverse variety of models as it propels the greening of the automotive industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

HSM Team distributing Christmas Cheer

Good Corporate Citizenship

HSM recognized the need to reaffirm its pledge to social responsibility following conversations with the orphanages in their community. In an effort to constructively assist these facilities, donations of personal care items and goodies were provided to the children during the Christmas season.

One of the core values at HSM Motors is to make a positive impact in the lives they touch. HSM Motors leads the charge to underpin the needs of those vulnerable in our community.HSM hopes that others will follow; every contribution big or small makes a difference. CEO Mr. Mikhail Hosein along with other staff of the company have adopted the slogan, YOU can make a difference as they engaged in a range of activities to uphold their corporate social commitments.

HSM Team at Toy Drive
Mr. Mikhail Hosein, CEO HSM Marketing along with his team on Boxing Day 2022 at the toy distribution caravan in Chase Village.

Powering Social Good

HSM’s dedication to being an active participant in making the holiday season a special time for everyone in the community came full circle as they joined others on an annual toy distribution exercise. The toy distribution caravan was televised on national television following the fourth annual toy distribution exercise.  

CEO Mr Mikhail Hosein enthusiastically donned the Grinch costume and animatedly entertained the children as he assisted with the distribution of the toys alongside other beloved Christmas characters.

The toy distribution that gained national recognition took place on 26th December 2022.  HSM Motors and Signmasterz Limited who also shares the culture of social responsibility teamed up to distribute eight hundred toys to less fortunate families in the Chase Village community. The HSM team was honored to help provide the community with a happier holiday experience.

HSM Motors has recognized the need to strengthen the communities where we live and work; they have pledged their continued support towards being responsible corporate citizens in the future.